Get your iOS apps ready for enterprise customers

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Support Managed Apps

Ensure your app is Enterprise ready by supporting iOS Managed Apps. TestMDM gives you the tools to install, configure and retrieve feedback.

Created for Developers

TestMDM was build with the developer in mind. It's focused on making it easy to install and test your apps to ensure they work as expected.

How Does It Work?

Step One - Registration

First, you register your iPhone with TestMDM. This can be done by scanning a QR code or sending an SMS with a special link. You are free to remove this profile at any time.

Step Two - Installation

Once registered, you can install your apps as managed ones. You just need a valid IPA that you want to run on the device. TestMDM will manage the installation for you.

Step Three - Configuration

After installing your app, you can test your app's support for Managed App Configuration by sending configuration. In addition to sending Configuration, TestMDM can also retrieve Feedback.